Kodak to Stop Making Cameras

Feb 9, 2012

Eastman Kodak is getting out of the camera business.

The company announced Thursday that it will stop making digital cameras, pocket video cameras and digital picture frames.

As part of its bankruptcy filing last month Kodak said it would concentrate on area it believes can lead to profitability. The phase out the of the digital camera & frame product lines in the first half of this year is part of the plan.

Sharing Kodak Stories

Jan 31, 2012

The Innovation Trail went to the Rochester Public Market last weekend - just days after Kodak filed for bankruptcy protection - to hear from you.

With all that's been written about the demise of Kodak, we wanted to capture the human side of the equation - in a city where Kodak still matters.

Why? Because for many thousands of Rochesterians Kodak is more than just a company.

Made In The USA: Saving The American Brand

Jan 31, 2012

A majestic building still dominates the skyline of Rochester, N.Y., the word "Kodak" shining brightly from the top. It's the legacy of George Eastman — the founder of the Eastman Kodak Co. — a company that helped Rochester thrive and gave it the nickname "Kodak Town."

In 1976, Kodak sold 90 percent of the film around the world. The company basically invented digital photography, but it couldn't figure out how to make the transition from film quickly enough to out-compete its Asian rivals. Of the 20 best-selling digital cameras in the U.S., not a single one is from Kodak.

WXXI-TV Special: Kodak's New Chapter

Jan 22, 2012

WXXI's Need to Know Rochester presents "Kodak's New Chapter" - an hour-long live television special featuring stories about the Eastman Kodak Company's past, present and future.

Hosted by Julie Philipp, the program features special reports from Zack Seward of the Innovation Trail and WXXI News' Helene Biandudi, plus local reaction to the announcement, analysis of what's next for the company and for Rochester, and a tribute to the Kodak Colorama.

The special aired live on WXXI-TV Thursday, January 19 - the same day Kodak made its bankruptcy announcement.

Learning Lessons about Life After Kodak

Jan 20, 2012

With Kodak embarking on a restructuring effort under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, the future of the imaging icon remains unclear.

But one aspect of Kodak's legacy is already deeply imprinted onto the Rochester community.

Even as Rochester's most famous company struggled mightily to reinvent itself, the Rochester region steadily fought back - leading the state in job growth in recent years and outpacing its upstate peers in economic vitality.

One key reason: A long history of top-notch human capital flung into the community - willingly or not - as Kodak's fortunes withered.

PBS NewsHour Turns to WXXI for Kodak Coverage

Jan 20, 2012

PBS NewsHour's national broadcast Thursday included an interview with WXXI News Director Julie Philipp about Kodak's bankruptcy filing.

NewsHour's Hari Sreenavasan spoke with Julie about the bankruptcy, what led up to it and how Kodak arrived at this place in its history.

They also discussed the unique relationship Kodak had with Rochester and how the company cared for its employees like no other.

Kodak and Rochester and forever linked in history through boom times and economic challenges.

The company that helped people the world over preserve their special moments has its own moments preserved here in Rochester.

WXXI's Helene Biandudi and videographer Marty Kaufman take us on a trip through Kodak's past with a visit to the company's archives, which Kodak donated to the University of Rochester in 2004. Click on the video box below to wathc the story.

Like many winter days in upstate New York, it's cold and gray in Rochester. But today feels darker than usual because when we woke up this morning, we learned that Eastman Kodak was filing for bankruptcy. We could all feel it coming, but it was still a shock. There is no conversation in Rochester today that won't include the decline of Kodak. Even in the line at the coffee shop this morning everyone here is talking about it.

A few local residents living around former Kodak Park are recalling the days of old when the film giant was Rochester's top employer.

Merrill is a quiet long street neighboring what’s now Eastman Kodak's Business Park between Lake and Dewey Avenues. Traveling along its spacious road, over random speed bumps, small billows of smoke could be seen coming from the company’s stacks behind the homes. The parking entrance to Kodak’s Rubik's Cube Research Lab Office Building is on this street.

Special Kodak Programming on WXXI-TV

Jan 19, 2012

WXXI-TV presents a special night of Kodak programming beginng at 8:00 p.m. with an hour-long live special featuring stories about the Eastman Kodak Company's past, present and future.