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American Academy of Pediatrics Issues New Guidelines for Media Use

In a world where digital screens are everywhere, the American Academy of Pediatrics has relaxed its recommendations for how much media exposure is safe for babies and toddlers. The old rule was no screen time before the age of 2. The new guidelines say for babies younger than 18 months, that's still true, with one exception: live video chats. From 18 to 24 months, AAP suggests parents may introduce toddlers to educational programming for brief periods. "No screens under two becomes such an...
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Public health is due for an upgrade. That was one take-away of a recent lecture from a 20-plus year veteran of the field, Dr. Anne Schuchat, the principal deputy director for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Public health 3.0 is what the Department of Health and Human Services has named its recent call to action to close significant health gaps - through collaboration across sectors to address systemic issues.

Weekend Connections is a collection of some of the most noteworthy moments from the week on Connections with Evan Dawson. This episode includes conversations about:

Hackers have attacked a major Internet infrastructure company, causing intermittent disruptions Friday to websites and services including Twitter, Reddit, Spotify and Airbnb.

The victim of the attack is a New Hampshire-based company called Dyn (pronounced "dine"). It might not be a household name, but Dyn is one of the companies that sit between you and some of the biggest websites and services — and help make sure that when you type in a Web address, your traffic is properly routed.

Courtesy of Columbia Care

A new pill is on the market in New York state:  a medicinal marijuana pill. Manufacturer and distributor Columbia Care, which has a location in Rochester, says they are the first in the country to put this kind of pill on the market.

Instead of using a chemically synthesized product, Columbia Care CEO Nicholas Vita says, the pills contain a natural botanical extract from cannabis plants grown in Rochester.    

The New York State Comptroller, Tom DiNapoli says his office needs better oversight of state economic development contracts, in light of a corruption scandal that’s led to criminal charges against Governor Cuomo’s former top aide, other Cuomo Administration associates and two major upstate developers. WXXI’s Karen DeWitt sat down with DiNapoli this week for an interview with public radio and television to talk about that and other topics, including a drop in state revenues of nearly three quarter of a billion dollars so far this year, and his predictions for the elections.

In this month's episode of Second Opinion LIVE, we talk about good bugs versus bad bugs. Although bacteria in your body are microscopic, they can cause big problems or contribute to good health.

Our guest is Dr. Shahzad Mustafa, who is a part of the allergy and clinical immunology team at Rochester Regional Health System and also is a clinical assistant professor of medicine at the University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry.

Flash Flood Watch This Afternoon

4 hours ago
Alex Crichton

It's been a very soggy couple of days, and motorists should be on the alert for ponding on the roads and clogged drainage systems.

The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Watch for Rochester and many other areas until 4 this afternoon.

Even after the notification is lifted, small creeks and rivers can still pose a danger from flooding, according to meteorologist David Thomas with the National Weather Service in Buffalo.

"Streams and creeks will continue to run quite high here, even through the evening hours and overnight hours of tonight," he said.

In this month’s episode of Unleashed, we talk about one of the most controversial topics in the feline world: declawing. There is a bill in the New York State Senate that, if passed, would prohibit declawing cats and other animals. We discuss what declawing is, the effects it has on cats, and we hear from veterinarians and cat owners on both sides of the debate.

Plus, you’ve probably heard about dogs who are trained to detect explosives or illegal drugs, but did you know there are dogs who can sniff out pollution? We go on the job with two dogs working to keep contamination and human bacteria out of the Great Lakes.

And Dr. Michelle Brownstein of Henrietta Animal Hospital is in studio to answer your questions about pet health and behavior.

Proclamation Against Anti-Muslim Bigotry

4 hours ago

Elected leaders and local lawmakers have announced proclamations against anti-Muslim bigotry.

Members of Rochester City Council, The Board of Education and Monroe County Legislature have sponsored proclamations supporting Muslim residents and their right to live and pray safely.

City Council member Molly Clifford, noting the tenor of the Presidential campaign, says they want our Muslim residents to feel welcomed and safe.

First hour: Unleashed: The Pet Show

Second hour: Second Opinion LIVE! 


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