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A tourist from India with measles visited several places in the region on May 11 and May 12, 2017, exposing others to the disease.

Lisa Paredes has a button on her desk at Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, where she works as an account services consultant. The button says “Me Too”, a reference to the diagnosis Paredes received for anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsive disorder.

"I would always worry about things like people dying or something bad happening and I never put two and two together I had anxiety and then I asked my PCP about it and he said I was just an anxious person," Paredes said. After getting treatment for her conditions, Paredes is not embarrassed or afraid to talk about it.


For the first time this year, Rochester's Party in the Park concert series will offer a special section for people in recovery and their friends and families.

The alcohol-free zones will be called "Area 12".  David Attridge of the support group Recovery Now NY says you'll be able to recognize them by the purple balloons. Volunteers will wear purple t-shirts.

Attridge was inspired to create these sober spaces because of his own experiences in recovery.        


Groundbreaking was held Wednesday for a seven-story addition to Rochester General Hospital.

The new building, the Sands-Constellation Center for Critical Care is a part of a $300 million dollar system wide campaign at Rochester Regional Health, which runs Rochester General and several other hospitals.

Constellation Brands President & CEO Robert Sands, the Sands family foundations and Constellation Brands made a $20 million gift to support construction of the new building.

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Local government leaders and medical professionals who attended a luncheon  at the Rochester Academy of Medicine Wednesday heard about how Rochester can become a "Blue Zone".

Blue Zones are parts of the world known for the healthy habits and longevity of their populations.

Tony Buettner , a spokesman for Blue Zones, LLC, a company that promotes healthy communities through individual habits and public policies, says governments can improve the health of their citizens through good planning.

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Rochester's Reel Mind Film Series opens tonight.

The annual event showcases films and performances about mental illness, addiction, and brain disorders. The goal is to address the social stigma of mental illness while providing a message of hope that recovery is possible.

Tonight's screening is the documentary film "Unbroken Glass."

It's a very personal journey for Chicago filmmaker Dinesh Das Sabu, who is trying to unravel a mystery.

NEW YORK (AP) — New York Rep. Tom Reed was among the few members of Congress who held town hall meetings after the controversial health care bill vote.

The Republican legislator from the Southern Tier showed up Saturday at a fire station in Hinsdale, a small town in Cattaraugus County.  Reed, who voted for the bill, got an earful of loud, angry voices from more than 100 people who came despite the rain

Some said they're afraid they'll lose coverage of pre-existing conditions such as cancer and diabetes.

Under the American Health Care Act, people would not be penalized for not having health insurance, initially. They would only encounter financial penalty when signing up for insurance after more than 63 days of being without it. By most accounts, this means healthier people are less likely to sign up for insurance.

“That’s one of the big concerns with this Republican health plan, is that you have a combination of ‘you’re not required to buy health insurance when you’re healthy, but you’re allowed to buy it when you get sick,’” says Bill Hammond, director of health policy at the Empire Center. And that, he says, could have unique implications in New York.

There’s a voluntary recall involving some hash brown products manufactured by McCain Foods which may contain materials from golf balls.

The original recall has now been expanded to include some of the product that was sold at Wegmans.

McCain says parts of the golf balls may have been harested with the potatoes used to make the hash browns.

The recall includes the Wegman’s Brand 28-ounce bag of frozen O’Brien Hash Browns (UPC 07789036523).

NEW YORK (AP)  A `superbug' fungus is emerging as a new menace in U.S. hospitals, mostly in New York and New Jersey. One case was reported in Rochester.

First identified in Japan in 2009, the fungus has spread to more than a dozen countries around the globe. The oldest of the 66 cases reported in the U.S. dates back to 2013, but most were reported in the last year.