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Health insurance companies in New York State have submitted their rate requests for 2019, and on average, the 14 companies are requesting a 24% hike for individuals.

That varies quite a bit among the specific companies; Excellus, which has a large presence in the Rochester area, requested an 8.9% increase. MVP Health Plan, another company with a number of customers locally, requested a 6.5% increase for individuals.

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A battle over contract negotiations continues at Jordan Health.

Janice Harbin, CEO of the health center says she is saddened and disappointed at how negotiations with 1199SEIU have turned, and believes that what they have offered is fair.

"I have been in community health for 30 years and there’s no game in healthcare. It’s serious and I think we are beginning to feel bullied by this massive organization."


The New England Journal of Medicine has released a new study suggesting some women with breast cancer might be able to skip chemotherapy safely.

Farhan Imran, medical oncologist at Rochester General Hospital says in some patients, when cancer is removed surgically it’s then sent to a lab and checked for 21 different genes that may have mutated.

Depending on how aggressive those genes are a score is given, falling into a low, intermediate or high risk category.

University of Rochester

A national conference held at the University of Rochester Saturday focused on battling the opioid crisis.

The Center for Leading Innovation and Collaboration or CLIC hosted the daylong session of meetings, to discuss how to best address opioid misuse and abuse through translational science.

But what is translational science?

Co-director of CLIC, Martin Zand explains.


The University of Rochester will be partnering with two Buffalo institutions in an effort to speed up the development of new pharmaceutical drugs.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the formation of the Empire Discovery Institute, which will involve a partnership of the University of Rochester, the University at Buffalo and Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The idea is to help move promising new drugs through the process more quickly.  Steve Dewhurst is Vice Dean for Research at UR’s School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Helping the community understand the opioid crisis

May 22, 2018

Experts in opioid prevention, treatment and recovery joined law enforcement and others at the Strathallan Hotel on Tuesday to help the business community "Understand the Opioid Crisis."

That was the name of the event presented by the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce.

A recent Kaiser Family Foundation report showed large employers spent $2.6 billion dollars to treat opioid addiction and overdoses in 2016.

Chamber president Bob Duffy says they're looking at ways to get businesses around the region to get involved and help.

Fighting tick-borne illnesses

May 21, 2018

The state is stepping up efforts to control the tick population in an attempt to reduce the spread of Lyme disease.

That includes expanding deer treatment feeding stations that automatically apply tick treatment to deer as they eat.

And launching a new information program targeted at high-risk groups such as hunters and hikers.

Head of Infectious Diseases at the Rochester General Hospital, Dr. Edward Walsh says it would be beneficial if that campaign is expanded to include everyone, especially to those who live in areas where deer are present.

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) New York State is launching a new effort to help women struggling with maternal depression. 

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration announced Thursday that the state will require insurers to cover maternal depression screenings. 

In addition, the state's Department of Health and the Office of Mental Health will create a new public awareness campaign to help women and their loved ones spot the signs of maternal depression and learn about ways to seek help. 

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Area residents will have greater access to University of Rochester Medicine through a new collaboration with the YMCA.

The agreement, which runs through 2029, will make a range of health services available at YMCA locations across the region.

President at CEO of the Greater Rochester YMCA George Romell says this is to meet the increased needs of communities and bring medicine to where people are.

"As we take this to a much higher level, I think we'll see things that we've never seen before, which is where medicine and community come together."


Robin McIntyre has a genetic mutation that means she will almost certainly develop early onset Alzheimer's disease.

It happened to her grandfather, who was diagnosed in his late 40s. Robin's mother developed Alzheimer's when she was 50.

Robin is now 35, and she is involved in a clinical trial and hopes a drug can be developed to stop the disease.

But she has had to make some serious life decisions given what she knows.