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New York State is taking steps to address the illegal sale of  "K2”  and other synthetic drugs after a surge of overdoses in New York City. But those drugs are also causing problems in Upstate New York.

The enforcement comes after a mass overdose in Brooklyn last week that sent 33 people to the hospital. While we haven't had the same sort of crisis in the Rochester area, synthetic drugs are an ongoing problem according to Dr. Timothy Wiegand.

He is director of toxicology at UR Medicine. Wiegand says synthetic drug use has also been a problem upstate.

Working in the Heat

Jul 13, 2016

The heat has been brutal today, but imagine spending time outside in front of a deep fryer.

That's what Charlie Abiad was doing.

He's a food vendor in the city.

"It's pretty hot in there, it's probably about 150, 160 in there," he said.

Abiad says he usually has his food cart downtown shortly before 10 am each day, and works until about 2:30 in the afternoon.

Abiad says staying hydrated in heat like this is key.

Monroe County Hosts Blood Drive

Jul 13, 2016
Alex Crichton

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo joined some fellow employees and others in donating blood this morning at the county office building.

Dinolfo says the Red Cross has put out an emergency call for donations for all types, and the need for blood is greater during the summer months.

"The Red Cross is in dire need of blood donations, and we saw this as the county of Monroe as an opportunity to really step up to the plate and help people who are in need," she said.

Stressing Motorcycle Safety After Two More Fatalities

Jul 12, 2016

A motorcycle rights organization is urging people to ride defensively, after two more people were killed in a motorcycle accident on Monday.

Six people have died in five accidents so far this year. 

American Bikers Aimed Toward Education, or ABATE, is a motorcycle organization dedicated to protecting people's right to ride, and to promote safety through education and awareness.

Eric Carlston is president of Monroe County ABATE.

He says yesterday's crash may have involved the motorcycle speeding up to try to beat a light, but ended up hitting an SUV.

Office of NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP & WXXI News) ” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Food Network star Sandra Lee are continuing their motorcycle tour of New York state to raise awareness about breast cancer.

The Democratic governor and his longtime girlfriend joined nearly 200 people on a ride from Utica to Buffalo Friday.  They made a stop in Victor Friday at FLCC where Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle also spoke and talked about his daughter's battle with cancer.

The pair participated in a similar ride earlier last month from Long Island to New Paltz.

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren says the city will be offering financial help in the fight to get rid of lead-based paint hazards.

The program will work on making a total of 220 units of housing lead safe over three years, with help provided to eligible home owners and landlords.  It's funded through a federal program. It will be focused on properties in neighborhoods where lead poisoning in children commonly occurs.

Emergency Call for Blood Donations

Jul 5, 2016

The American Red Cross says it’s down to less than a five-day supply of blood, so it is issuing an emergency call for blood and platelet donations.

Patty Corvaia is communications manager for Red Cross Blood Services in the New York-Pennsylvania region.

"We're asking all blood donors to come in and donate blood at this time because it's really, really a serious situation," she said.

She says donations have fallen short of hospital needs in recent months, and donations generally drop in the summer months.

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York's Health Department says it has identified 324 cases of Zika, all associated with travel to areas where mosquitoes are known to transmit it.

The department says Thursday it has found no cases so far from mosquito bites in the state.

It has reported 22 pregnant women with laboratory evidence of possible Zika virus infection to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Infection may cause birth defects.

Based on national estimates, it's possible that as many as 1,200 people in the nine county Rochester region have early onset Alzheimer's disease.

The disease that claimed the life of legendary women's college basketball coach Pat Summitt Tuesday is often not diagnosed or misdiagnosed in people under 65.

The Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning released data from Monroe County that shows there was an increase in the number of children with elevated lead levels in their blood last year.

At the same time, there were fewer children being screened.

"The lead level numbers this year took a little bit of a slip...and I think while overall we can the lead levels are very good in our community, I think the fact that the data are what they are tell us that we need to keep going, we need to keep collaborating," said interim Monroe County Health Commissioner Dr. Michael Mendoza.