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RIT Professor Wins National Award

Jul 3, 2015
Lea Vacca Michel
RIT/A. Sue Wexler

RIT associate professor of chemistry Lea Vacca Michel has won a national award for inspiring women in the fields of science and technology.

Michel is director of an RIT program called WISE - for Women in Science.

The success of the program made her one of 100 women to win the national INSIGHT Into Diversity award, from INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine, for encouraging young women to consider STEM careers.

Roberts Wesleyan College is reorganizing the way it handles its academic programs.  The Chili college is creating five new schools, headed up by deans who come from existing faculty.

Currently, Roberts Wesleyan has two schools, Liberal Arts and Sciences and the School of Professional studies. Those names will go away, and now there will be the following schools and deans:

* School of Arts and Humanities: Scott Caton

* School of Business: Steven Bovee

* School of Natural and Social Sciences: Julie Grimm

* School of Nursing: Cheryl Crotser

A report from the New York Civil Liberties Union claims New York State schools are not compliant with anti-discrimination laws regarding transgender students.

Five years ago, New York passed the Dignity for All Students act. The New York Civil Liberties Union says this gave the state some of the most powerful laws on the books protecting transgender and gender non conforming students.

Roland Williams Wants Rochester to "Give 5" (or more)

Jun 24, 2015
Alex Crichton

East High Grad and former NFL player Roland Williams has announced more financial support for his mentoring and empowerment initiative, Champion Academy, and kicked off a new campaign called "Give 5."

"To give 5 seconds to share this program on their social media networks, to give 5 minutes a week to be an e mentor on our e mentoring program, and hopefully give 5 dollars, or more, to our crowdfunding campaign," Williams said.

There's more information coming out about a student at the University of Rochester who has filed a complaint about the way the university handled her allegation of sexual assault.

The Huffington Post says it has spoken to the woman about her experience, and who asked to be identified only by her first name, Abigail. The woman is no longer a student at the U of R.

East High School is getting rid of its current mascot name and coming up with another to reflect the changing times.

The sports teams at East have been called “Orientals”  for many  years, a team name and mascot that originated in the early 1900s. The term ‘orient’ was used because it derived from the Latin word for “east.”

The second go-round for the Geneva City School District saw a different outcome than the first time residents considering a spending plan. It was the only area school district rejected in last month's voting.

But on Tuesday, a revised budget, which was about $40,000 less than the budget turned down last month, was approved, with just over 63 percent voting in favor. The vote was 1435 to 837.

Geneva School District residents get to vote again on a budget today.  It was the only area district not to approve a spending plan on May 19.

The tax levy increase is 1.72 percent. This exceeds the district's tax levy cap of .34 percent and therefore requires 60 percent voter approval.

The new proposal is about $40,000 less than the original plan.

Governor's Office

YONKERS (AP) Gov. Andrew Cuomo is proposing a $28 million bailout for the Yonkers school district in Westchester County, using money from a new $100 million fund to help failing schools in upstate New York.

At a news conference at the Yonkers City Hall Sunday, Cuomo said Yonkers schools face a "crisis in education,'' with the Board of Education proposing elimination of all sports and layoffs of 200 teachers.

Cuomo said the $100 million fund he's proposing to the state Legislature will make those cuts unnecessary.


ALBANY (AP) New York education officials are set to take up the issue of how to handle struggling schools.

The issue of receivership is on the agenda for Monday's meeting of the policy-making Board of Regents.

A new state law gives superintendents initial receivership power over failing schools and puts the schools in the hands of outside receivers if things don't turn around.