Capitol Bureau

Deliberations over drawing new legislative and congressional districts continue in Albany, as legislators have hit a new hurdle in the complex process. 

Lawmakers have decided where to count the prisoners, in the homes they were living before their incarceration, a change that benefits the districts of many Democrats at the expense of Republicans. But they are still arguing about how to count the prisoners, and what kind of computer software and database to use. Task force Co Chair, Assemblyman Jack McEneny, a Democrat, offered an amendment, but it was rejected by GOP lawmakers .

Hundreds of Occupy movement members from around the state descended on the State Capitol Thursday, chanting and voicing their disagreement with Governor Cuomo's economic policies. 

The protesters held a rally in Lafayette Park across the street from the Capitol, where Governor Cuomo has ordered the state police nightly to arrest protesters who are in violation of what the Cuomo Administration says is an 11 pm curfew.

Albany, New York –
The votes will be counted for the second time this fall on a contract offer between the state worker union, the Public Employees Federation, and Governor Andrew Cuomo after the first offer was rejected. This time, if the contract is rejected, the governor has vowed to follow through with 3500 lay offs.

Albany, New York – A coalition of business lobbyists, city and village mayors, and school boards are pushing hard for reduced pension and health benefits for their employees, as part of a package of mandate relief that they say is necessary to help communities around New York live within the new 2% property tax cap law.

Albany, New York – The state's environmental agency says a key advisory panel will not be issuing a report on the impacts of hydrofracking by a November 1 deadline, delaying part of the process of allowing the natural gas drilling on some private lands in New York until early next year.

Albany, New York – Governor Cuomo spoke to WXXI's Karen DeWitt about his frustration with the federal government's gridlock over FEMA funding for New York's flood victims, renews his threat to veto any redistricting plan that is not independent and non partisan, and talks about a new website that he says is aimed at opening up the inner workings of government to the people.
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Albany, New York – The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation will lengthen the public comment period on its final draft environmental impact statement from 60 to 90 days and hold four public hearings.

Three hearings will be held in the Marcellus shale region, where hydrofracking on private lands is likely to be permitted. An additional hearing will be held in New York City. All will take place in November. The DEC says specific dates and places will be announced shortly.

Albany, New York – The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is due to release it's final version of a draft environmental impact statement on hydro fracking in New york. The report is being eagerly anticipated by both environmentalists and the natural gas industry.

Albany, New York – Governor Andrew Cuomo has declared a State of emergency in anticipation of Hurricane Irene, which could hit the state as early as the weekend.

Governor Cuomo says he's declared a state of emergency and is "activating all levels of state government" in the face of potential impact from Irene, and has ordered all state agencies to be prepared for any situation. He says the state's emergency management center outside Albany will be operating 24 hours a day.

Albany, New York – State Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Joe Martens says he's "not shutting the door" on holding a longer public comment period and new public hearings on hydro fracking.