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Organ donations in New York can’t keep up with the high demand for transplants. We’ll discuss what this means, why more people aren’t joining donor registries and possible changes that could minimize this gap.

Also on the show, they’re the type of conversations most people take for granted. Talking about life, love, hardships and dreams with your siblings. But how does this happen, effectively, between deaf and hearing siblings? We’ll find out.

And he’s pretty much a celebrity at one local elementary school. Find out why students can’t get enough of our new American Graduate Champion.

When people think of Leonardo Da Vinci, they’re likely to think of two of the most famous paintings of all time: the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. But that’s certainly not all there is to this famous Renaissance man. In addition to being an artist, Da Vinci was also an inventor, a musician, a philosopher, a scientist and....the list goes on. Now Rochester area residents can get an inside look at the brilliant mind of Da Vinci through interpretations of his inventions and studies of his works including secrets  behind the famed Mona Lisa. This Need to Know segment explores the works of Da Vinci through an exhibit at the Rochester Museum and Science Center hailed as the most comprehensive global traveling exhibition on Da Vinci ever assembled.

WXXI’s multi-platform reporting project, Understanding the Affordable Care Act, provides viewers and listeners with national and state news about the new health care law and how it affects insurance coverage for Rochester area residents.

For Part 4 of the series on Need to Know, lead producer of the project, WXXI’s Michelle Faust, is joined by Liz Ortolani an Associate with Pullano & Company to examine one family’s dilemma as they choose between individual and family health plans.

The Ad Council of Rochester | The Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network

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Monroe Community College

It’s been called one of the most complex issues in American higher education - the enrollment, disengagement and low degree completion rates for African American males in college. Some voices in higher ed say part of the problem is a “deficit orientation” reinforced by the media and academic journals. Rather than solely focusing on the problem and the challenges, they say we must engage and learn from those who have successfully navigated through the college system. Monroe Community College is attempting to do just that in its upcoming symposium on May 7th called Black Male Achievement in Higher Education.

The Times Weekly

Stories about challenges facing African American males, in particular in education, have long permeated the media. On this edition of Need to Know, we shift the conversation and focus on promising practices that could result in positive changes in higher education for this demographic.

Also on the show, our Affordable Care Act series continues as we discuss how to juggle complicated health insurance choices.

And the Renaissance man, the inventor, the artist, the philosopher. The works of Leonardo da Vinci unveiled in an exhibit now in Rochester.

RnB Classics Live

What do Elvis, The Beatles, Coldplay, Adele and Justin Bieber all have in common? They all have Tribute Bands. These bands are popular around the globe and as their name suggests, they pay tribute to a particular band or artist by exclusively performing that singer or band’s music. Some even go a step further by copying the band’s look and style. On this segment of Need to Know, we’ll meet a local music manager taking the Tribute Band concept in a different direction so it’s less about the dramatics and more about the heart and soul of the music.

Writers & Books Teen Poetry Slam

Bullying, politics, poverty, racial and gender injustices and love. These are just a handful of the topics that serve as inspiration for area teens writing and performing their own original poetry. A number of high school students throughout Rochester are part of a special Writers & Books teen poetry slam. On this segment of Need to Know, we’ll explore how teens are being taught how to use language as a weapon for change.

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Urban League of Rochester

A voice for the voiceless. That’s how some describe the Urban League of Rochester. The local arm of the nationally renowned organization launched at a time of racial and economic unrest in Rochester. It’s been serving the underserved in our community for the past 50 years. Its focus is helping African Americans, Latinos and the disadvantaged become economically self-sufficient through jobs, education, home-ownership and entrepreneurship. In this segment of Need to Know, viewers will learn more about the organization’s wide reach and plans for the future.