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Connections: Tom Parrish and Geva Theatre

17 hours ago

Geva Theatre Center made news when, after 15 years, executive director Tom Parrish announced he's leaving. We'll sit down with Parrish to talk about his work, Geva's place in our community, and we'll get a preview of the upcoming season with Parrish and our guests:

What is the legacy and impact of David Foster Wallace? It's a timely question, with the summer biopic The End of the Tour starting Jason Segel as Wallace. Our wide-ranging panel discusses Wallace's remarkably diverse oeuvre.

  • Chad Post, Open Letter Books
  • Sarah Freligh, author of books and poetry
  • Stephen Brauer, professor of American literature at St. John Fisher College
  • Christopher Duva, creator of a play based on one of Wallace's most well known essays. The play is called "A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again" and Duva plays Wallace

Stephen Hawking says he has solved the information paradox regarding black holes. Wait, what? He figured out black holes? Hawking has yet to release a formal paper on the subject, and of course his peers will review it. But let's back up, and let's talk about black holes. Why should we care? What do we know -- before Stephen Hawking unloads his new ideas? Are there are any black holes hanging around our neighborhood in the galaxy? We answer these questions with Brian Koberlein, astrophysicist and physics professor at RIT, and author of the blog "One Universe at a Time".

It's one thing for American kids to be overweight; it's another for parents to confront that fact. It can be very difficult for parents to admit their children are obese, particularly before the teenage years. "Baby fat," "He'll grow out of it," "Just a phase." Well, there's a new, intensive obesity treatment program for kids age 7-13. It's free, but space is limited. We'll explain how to get involved, and we'll talk about facing childhood obesity at an early age with our guests:

  • Dr. Stephen Cook, University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Laura Fasano, Vice President of Healthy Living, YMCA of Greater Rochester

With Labor Day approaching, and an election year approaching, we sit down with local labor leaders to discuss the issues most pressing to them. What is the state of labor in 2015? AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka recently said that Hillary Clinton shouldn't count on union support unless she can figure out a way to energize workers. What, exactly, does that mean? Our panel discusses that and more.

  • Bruce Popper,  VP of 1199 SEIU and President of the Rochester Labor Council
  • Kendall Bell, Member Federation of Social Workers.  President CLUW  (Coalition of Labor Union Women)
  • Shelly Clements, Labor Relation Specialist with NYSUT

We preview the eighth annual Sankofa Evening of Theatre & Jazz. Fresh off conversations about the impact of controversial imagery in rap music, Connections turns the spotlight to the stage. Sankofa features African American playwrights, whose work captures a wide range of emotion and themes. We'll meet them, and let you know how you can see their work:

  • Curtis Rivers
  • Robert Djed Snead
  • Kevin Hicks

First hour: Sankofa, highlighting African American playwrights

Second hour: The state of labor as we approach Labor Day

Tupac Shakur urged women to "keep ya head up" when fathers didn't do their part in raising children in poverty. He also recorded songs with misogynystic lyrics. How does that square? This hour, we continue our Monday conversation about misogyny in hip-hop culture. Our guests in studio:

  • Natasha Chen Christensen, chair of anthropology, history, political science and sociology at Monroe Community College
  • William Cleeton-Gandino, college student and rapper
  • Marquette Loyd, social activist
  • Gregory Brandon, aka DJ G-Nyce

Connections: What Can We Do With $500 million?

Sep 1, 2015

What would you do with $500 million? The Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council is competing for that state money, a taxpayer-infused boost for the winning regions. Three will be chosen; four will not. On Tuesday, we sit down with the people leading the effort to land the cash. What are the plans? What is the strategy? In studio:

  • Joel Seligman, president of the University of Rochester
  • Anne Kress, president of Monroe Community College
  • Mark Peterson, CEO of the Greater Rochester Enterprise

Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, September 1st

Aug 31, 2015

First hour: Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council pushes for $500 million

Second hour: Misogyny in hip-hop culture