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4:43 pm
Tue September 2, 2014

Connections: Climate Change

Climate change.

Coming up on September 21, the People's Climate March takes place in New York City. The organizers describe the event as the largest single event on climate ever organized. The march is designed to get the attention of world leaders about the issue. Our guests today will tell us about the march and discuss the issue of climate change:

  • Susan Spencer, Ph.D. candidate at RIT
  • Susan Smith
  • Dr. Abigail McHugh-Grifa
4:35 pm
Tue September 2, 2014

Connections: Embattled Teachers

Talking about embattled teachers.

As most kids head back to school today, we discuss the people that will be at the head of the class this school year…teachers. Mainly we focus on the battles teachers have faced regarding efficiency, class sizes, and performance expectations. These battles aren’t new, they’ve been debated as far back as the late 1800’s. Dana Goldstein is our guest to talk about the (not new) battles that teachers face, a focus of her new book , "The Teacher Wars."

2:32 pm
Fri August 29, 2014

Connections: David Lanz; What is Camp EAGR?

A chat with David Lanz. Then we learn about Camp EAGR.

In the first part of the show, we talk to new age recording titan David Lanz, who now makes Rochester his home. He talks about 30 years in the industry, and why he still wants to crank out an album every single year. 

Then, as part of our Move to Include series, we learn all about Camp EAGR. We welcome Mike Radell, Director of the camp, along with Lisa Noonan, a board member of Epilepsy-Pralid, Inc.

2:28 pm
Fri August 29, 2014

Connections: State of Our Unions

The state of the labor unions.

Labor Day is coming, and in many ways, union leaders feel that their organizations are under attack. Nationally, there's the right-to-work movement. In New York state, there's the debate over Wicks and Scaffold laws, among others. We check in on the state of our unions with our panel:

Jim Bertolone, President of the Rochester and Genesee Valley Labor Federation and AFL-CIO
Erin Young, Rochester and Genesee Valley Labor Federation
Dave Young, President of the Rochester Building and Construction Trades
Tom Gillette, Regional Director for New York State United Teachers

11:10 pm
Thu August 28, 2014

Coming up on Connections: Friday, August 29th

Credit NPR

First hour: Organized labor roundtable

Second hour: Recording artist David Lanz

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5:13 pm
Thu August 28, 2014

Connections: Why We Love Music From Our Childhood

Remembering those awful songs from childhood.

In this hour, why do we still love the songs we loved in middle school. Even if they're awful. Why is that? And why do kids tend to loathe their parents' music? We look at the psychology of music from our childhood, and yes, we'll play some guilty pleasures with our panel:

5:01 pm
Thu August 28, 2014

Connections: Talking With Zephyr Teachout

Gubernatorial candidate Zephyr Teachout.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Zephyr Teachout stopped in Rochester today and spoke to supporters at Village Gate. After that, she was our guest on the first half of this hour to talk about her campaign. In the second part of this hour, we talk about the Teachout campaign with WXXI's Michelle Faust and Conor Skelding from Capital New York.

4:20 pm
Wed August 27, 2014

Connections: The Next Steps For Medical Marijuana in NYS

What are the next steps for medical marijuana in New York state?

Governor Andrew Cuomo's plan for medical marijuana use goes into effect in January 2016, but many wonder what are the next steps for New York State, and some are pushing the state to act quickly. Tonight at 7 p.m., there will be a community forum on medical cannabis at Monroe Community College. Two of the panelists that will be at the forum join us to talk about medical marijuana in New York State, Dr. Luke Peppone from Wilmot Cancer Institute and Julie Netherland of Compassionate Care NY.

4:05 pm
Wed August 27, 2014

Connections: The Susan B. Anthony Letters

What can we learn from the newly acquired Susan B. Anthony letters?

The University of Rochester has acquired a newly discovered collection of letters written by Susan B. Anthony to another women's rights activist, Rachel Foster Avery. What can we learn from these letters and what can they tell us about the suffrage movement? We discuss this with our panel: 

Jim Kuhn, Joseph N. Lambert and Harold B. Schleifer director of Rare Books, Special Collections and Preservation at the University of Rochester’s River Campus Libraries

Lori Birrell, curator of historical manuscripts collections at the University of Rochester's River Campus Libraries

Dr. Catherine Cerulli, director of the Susan B. Anthony Center for Women's Leadership

2:58 pm
Tue August 26, 2014

Connections: State Senator Ted O'Brien

State Senator Ted O'Brien

State Senator Ted O'Brien, D-Irondequoit, joins us for this hour to discuss various issues including his proposals following the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby case, women's equality and the creation of the upstate tax relief ballot line.