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Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, July 1st

21 hours ago
Democrat & Chronicle

First hour: Ethics in photojournalism

Second hour: Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle

Have you ever found yourself driving to Buffalo, and you see the sign that says, "Welcome to Buffalo, an All America City?" And perhaps you've wondered, "Isn't it supposed to say 'All-American?'"

Turns out that there is such a thing as an "All-America City," and Geneva was just named one of ten 2015 such cities. What does it mean? Well, Geneva sold the national committee on jobs, graduation rates, quality of life, and more. So we'll look at the revitalization of Geneva: how is it working?

Our guests:

  • Matt Horn, Geneva City Manager
  • Sage Gerling, Geneva Director of Neighborhood Initiatives
  • Katie Flowers, Hobart and William Smith Colleges director of student engagement

Gay rights advocates are already turning their attention to other legislative battles in the wake of the massive Supreme Court ruling on Friday. Tuesday night, Monroe County Young Democrats will hold a public forum on the question of what comes next. Our panel offers a preview, with a look at a wide range of relevant legal issues:

  • Cory Gardner
  • Jo Meleca Voigt
  • Genesis Nunlee

Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, June 30th

Jun 29, 2015

First hour: After same-sex marriage, what's next?

Second hour: The revitalization of Geneva

Two Rochester residents recently returned after sixteen days of study in South Africa. Both are employed as interns at the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence and, among other responsibilities, share social justice principles and practices with middle school students at Northwest Middle school on the Frederick Douglas campus as part of the team of educators that the Gandhi Institute sends every day.

During the trip the youth toured the country, visiting sites and museums related to nonviolence and the history of overcoming apartheid, as well as community empowerment projects. A special highlight of the visit was meeting Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his daughter Mpho. We'll talk to Yahoda Miller and Malik Thompson about how they'd like to translate lessons of nonviolence from South Africa to Rochester. They'll be joined by the director of the Ghandi Institute, Kit Miller. 

The New York State legislature decided to do nothing to change the SAFE Act in this recent legislative session. Gun rights advocates feel betrayed. Meanwhile, new numbers seem to show that very few New Yorkers are registering their firearms in accordance with the new law. Can the SAFE Act work if most gun owners ignore it? We debate these questions with:

Coming up on Connections: Monday, June 29th

Jun 29, 2015

First hour: What do the low SAFE Act registration numbers mean?

Second hour: Nonviolence, from South Africa to Rochester

Attempts to solve problems around the world are happening right here in Rochester. Examples include a new app that could help in how we respond to epidemics, the ability to better map disasters, and understanding the value of information and how to use it. We're going to talk about these things and more with our panel:

  • Ammina Kothari, RIT School of Communication.
  • Brian Tomaszewski, assistant professor at RIT
  • Solomon Abiola, research associate at the University of Rochester Medical Center

The Supreme Court ruled Friday morning that same-sex marriages are legal in all 50 states. We gathered reaction from those on both sides of the ruling for this hour of 'Connections'.

SentrySafe is closing its local plant within a year, moving 350 jobs from the Rochester area to Wisconsin and Mexico. Business leaders and the former owner says this comes as a shock. How did it happen? What did the former owners think when the company was sold to The Master Lock Company? What opportunities are there for the workers who will lose their jobs -- many of them after at least two decades? We dive in with our guests:

  • Jim Brush, Former CEO of SentrySafe, who sold the company last year to The Master Lock Company
  • George Conboy, chairman, Brighton Securities