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Connections: Second Opinion LIVE! - Life After Cancer

Mar 27, 2015

Long after the shock of the diagnosis and the treatment has ended, cancer is still very much a part of a person's life. This hour, we discuss what "Life After Cancer" looks like--the physical, emotional, psychological and psychosocial aspects of life with a couple experiencing this right now: Tiffany and Rick Staropoli. Tiffany created a blog of her cancer journey, and will talk about her dancing - one thing that raised her spirits through treatment - and the videos that became a YouTube sensation.

On Innovation Friday, we’ll sit in on a two-day healthcare innovation challenge where design students from RIT come up with solutions for real world medical dilemma.

Then, we look at why 25 years after the Americans with Disabilities Act laid out federal guidelines for accessible housing, new reporting from upstate suggests that much of that designated housing is expensive and segregated.

We’ll also pay tribute to one of the pioneers of bird conservation – Roland Clement – who died this week aged 102, he was a contemporary of Rachel Carson of Silent Spring fame and also worked on alerting Americans to the dangers of DDT exposure.

We finish the hour with our colleague Kara Miller from the Innovation Hub in Boston who have been thinking about what the cultural differences between West and East could mean for innovation.

Giving birth in the United States is far more expensive than in other countries, and the additional cost does not appear to come with additional benefits — Americans do not have more access to care or better access to care than citizens in other developed nations, according to an analysis from the New York Times.

Dr. Gene Declercq is one of the leading voices in the effort to reduce the number of c-section births in the United States. Thursday, he's in Rochester for a public event, but first, he's on Connections.

We've seen a remarkable range of headlines about social media nastiness: anonymous attacks on Yik Yak; ugly tweets about a former baseball star's daughter; racist chants shared on video. Even Monica Lewinsky is talking about social media shaming. We'll examine the headlines, with a look at what can get someone in trouble at work or on campus. Also, how are local colleges dealing with Yik Yak, the newest headache for professors? We discuss with our panel: 

  • Mary Ellen Zuckerman, provost of the College at Brockport
  • Imani Lawrence, Brockport student
  • Mike Johansson, social media strategy consultant

Coming up on Connections: Thursday, March 26th

Mar 25, 2015

First hour: Social media shaming

Second hour: Reducing the rate of c-sections

As promised last week, we continue the discussion over education policy and whether parents should opt their children out of standardized testing. Some parents told us last week that school leaders are crossing the line by encouraging students to skip the tests. In Fairport, the school board and superintendent have worked with parents to make sure they understand how to do this. How will this impact students and the education debate in Albany? We talk about this with our guests:

  • Bill Cala, Fairport superintendent
  • Teddi Urriola, Rochester teacher

The longest elevated pedestrian bridge in the world could serve as an inspiration for Rochester. It's called Walkway Over the Hudson. It's 212 feet tall, 1.28 miles long, and 700,000 people crossed it last year. Wednesday night, the Community Design Center of Rochester is bringing in their executive director, with an eye on what we can learn. We'll talk about how Rochester could borrow ideas for building or repurposing; we're thinking about the inner loop, the waterfront, the aqueduct, and more.

Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, March 25th

Mar 24, 2015

First hour: Reshaping Rochester

Second hour: Education policy and the question of opting out

Is Hillary Clinton a lock to be the Democratic nominee for president? We assemble a panel of seasoned campaign operatives, party chairs and political observers. Will the email issue hurt Clinton? Should the Democrats hope for a tough and competitive primary, or is it better for Clinton to be essentially unopposed? Our panel:

  • Anthony Plonczynski, campaign and policy consultant in the Monroe County Democratic Party
  • Rob Shrum, professor of political science at the College at Brockport
  • Ken Warner, a local activist and former executive director of Unicon, a construction and building trades group
  • Jesse Lenney, Upstate Regional Political Director of the Working Families Party

Is support for LPG storage near Seneca Lake growing? Crestwood Energy says yes. The Elmira Star-Gazette first reported on some new names supporting gas storage last week; on Monday, their sister newspaper, the Democrat & Chronicle, ran the same story. We dig into the claims, starting with this: Why is a trucking company portraying itself as a Finger Lakes vintner? Why is the company's secretary quoted as a "grape inspector," which is not a title that even exists in the wine industry? Why did the company list Senator Kirsten Gillibrand as a supporter, only to have the Senator's office insist they remove that claim? We have a variety of guests to discuss the topic.