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How can we help local women and children in crisis find stability in their lives? It's a vital but often difficult step, and a new partnership is aiming squarely at improving outcomes.

We explore how Sojourner House at PathStone and Wilson Commencement Park are looking to help families with housing, life skills, and more. Our guests:

  • Stuart Mitchell, president and CEO, PathStone Corporation
  • Tree Clemonds, director of resident services, Sojourner House at PathStone
  • Krystle Ellis, director of operations, Wilson Commencement Park at PathStone
  • Shamantha Cooper, Wilson Commencement Park graduate, and current resident at Monica Place

In light of the Flint lead crisis, many communities are examining their own lead problems.

Rochester has been dealing with lead for decades. What progress have we made, and what's next? Our panel looks at Flint, Rochester, and the effects of lead. Our guests:


First hour: Flint, Rochester, and the lead problem

Second hour: A new partnership helps local families in crisis

We examine the debate over Uber and Lyft, and whether it's time for the state to allow them to operate across New York.

For now, these transportation providers can only operate in New York City, but advocates say lawmakers should open it up. Opponents say that Uber and Lyft could sink the taxi cab industry, which tends to pay drivers better wages. We hear from all sides. Our guests:

Donald Trump has won a state. Will he win New York in April? Will he march to the nomination? Were the naysayers wrong?

Our panel looks at where the GOP goes next. Our guests:


First hour: What's next for the GOP?

Second hour: The debate over Uber and Lyft

Will restaurants do away with tipping? That's already the case in much of Europe, and now some American restaurants are doing the same. Danny Meyer, famous restauranteur, recently said that tipping is a socialist practice, because the tips are pooled and the best servers don't get extra. He prefers higher prices on the menu, with no gratuity at all.

Is that better for servers, for diners, for everyone? Or is there still value in rewarding great service with bigger tips? Our panel looks at the future of tipping and dining out. Our guests:

  • Janine Wasley, owner, Avvino
  • Amanda Antinore, food writer, Democrat & Chronicle
  • Chris Grocki, director of operations, Char Steak and Lounge
  • Mark Potter, longtime local server

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has been offering some tough words for women who are supporting Bernie Sanders: she says there's "a special place in hell" for women who don't support other women. 

At Clinton rallies, that line sparks laughter and applause, but Albright insists she's serious. She says women should not be complacent, and feminists should support a woman's bid for the presidency. Is that fair? What do women who support Sanders think? What are their thoughts about Gloria Steinem's comments that suggest young women support Bernie Sanders just to meet men? Our panel debates these issues and more. Our guests:

  • Barbara LeSavoy, director and assistant professor of women and gender studies, SUNY Brockport
  • Zari Kamarei, supports Hillary Clinton
  • Mary Lupien, supports Bernie Sanders


First hour: Should feminists support Clinton based on her gender?

Second hour: Tipping in restaurants could be on the way out

Why are migraines so hard to prevent, and so difficult to treat for some sufferers?

Rochester Clinical Research is trying to change that. Neurologist and headache specialist Dr. Joseph Mann will make a public presentation on February 17 about the newest research about what works and what might be available next. 

Dr. Mann joins us in studio to talk about headache, migraine, and treatment.