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Let's talk about work culture. About work-life balance. About pushing employees without breaking them. Those subjects have been on the minds of many after the New York Times published a long piece examining the work culture inside Amazon. We'll sit down with local executives to talk about what they expect of their employees, and how they approach the question of balance. Our guests:

  • Luaren Dixon, CEO, Dixon Schwabl
  • Maureen Wolfe, senior vice president of human resources, ESL Federal Credit Union
  • Kathy Metcalf, marketing communication manager, Clark Patterson Lee
  • Jim Rahmlow, partner, Mengel Metzger Barr

We're focusing on integrity and values-based leadership, which might sound nebulous at first glance. But a team of local business and retired military leaders is concerned about the lack of values-based leadership just about everywhere: the board room, the church, the ballpark, the political arena. How to change that? They'll explain their approach. Our guests:

  • Carin Cole, assistant dean of the Simon School at the University of Rochester
  • John Batiste, retired U.S. Army Major General and co-founder of Level Five Associates
  • Robert Mixon, retired U.S. Army Major General and co-founder of Level Five Associates

Coming up on Connections: Thursday, August 27th

Aug 27, 2015

First hour: Looking for integrity in the boardroom, capitol, church, and ballpark

Second hour: Work culture, life balance, and lessons from the NYT story on Amazon

Some of the victims from last week's mass shooting on Genesee Street in Rochester had ties to Teen Empowerment, an organization that uses creative initiatives to reach out to city teens. The TE team was devastated by the shootings, but they are determined to continue their positive work. We'll talk to them about what comes next, and we'll discuss other city programs aimed at helping teenagers build strong futures. Our guests:

  • Kit Miller, director of the Ghandi Institute
  • Doug Ackley, director of Rochester programs, Teen Empowerment
  • Shawn Brown, program coordinator, Teen Empowerment

A group protesting a controversial panel on the Dentzel carousel at Ontario Beach Park says they won't stop until the panel is taken down. Our discussion will focus on the history surrounding the image, and the kind of imagery that was once common. 

Our guests:

  • Howard Eagle
  • Rev. Judith Davis
  • Rev. Lewis Stewart

Are those chickens in your neighbor's backyard? Are they allowed to do that? The answer is, probably, sure they are. And that surprises some Rochester and suburban residents, who are seeing more chicken coops around town. Why the surge in interest? And how many eggs do those things produce, anyway? We posed these questions to our chicken-owning experts:

  • Dave Shein
  • John-Paul Takats
  • Monica Devine-Haley
  • Shannon Taber

The Democrats have a new local leader. Can she pull the party out of its electoral funk? Jamie Romeo is 30 years old, and pushed hard for the job. She's worked on a number of campaigns, but right now, her party isn't even running a campaign for district attorney, and its candidate for county executive was soundly defeated last time. Romeo sits down with us to talk about how to unify Democrats and finally wins some races.

Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, August 25th

Aug 24, 2015

First hour: Jamie Romeo, new Democratic party chair

Second hour: City chickens

What if we looked at gun-related violence purely as a public health issue? That's what Harvard's David Hemenway did in his book Private Guns, Public Health. As best he could, Hemenway removed emotion from the arguments about firearms, and collected the best data available. In the wake of last week's mass shooting in Rochester, some of our listeners have asked questions about firearm statistics. Hemenway joins us for the hour to answer our questions.

Are the Common Core standards threatening to push great fiction out of the classroom? A local English teacher says, in a word: Yes. We'll expand on a recent conversation about the future of teaching classic literature with a pair of passionate guests:

  • Evvy Fanning, English teacher at Pittsford Sutherland High School
  • Gillian Moore, recent high school graduate