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We wrap up the great work that WXXI's Michelle Faust has done on the heroin epidemic in Rochester. We look back at the stories that made our "Heroin at Home" series, and play portions of interview that didn't make it to air.

We wrap our month-long series "Heroin at Home" by looking at how heroin addiction impacts families. We brought in a mother to give us some real-world insight that's happening here in Rochester. Our guests:

We're talking about the mainstreaming of whole foods, plant-based diets with a man who has helped make that happen. Dr. Tom Campbell is a UR Medicine Primary Care doctor who specializes in nutrition. He's out with his second book and the now-mainstream movement that is prompting more people to switch over to a whole foods, plant-based diet. Campbell and his physician wife, Dr. Erin Campbell, along  with UR Medicine Primary Care, have just launched a unique nutrition program – the first such program in the region to be backed by a health system. The UR Program for Nutrition in Medicine provides evidence-based interventions to promote prevention and to treat disease. 

Bernie Sanders is closing the polling gap with Hillary Clinton in the early voting states. So, who is Bernie Sanders? Why did he draw 10,000 people in Wisconsin? Can he beat Clinton? What are his politics? We'll talk about that with a group known as ROC4Bernie and some of their members:

Coming up on Connections: Thursday, July 30th

Jul 29, 2015

First hour: Who is Bernie Sanders?

Second hour: The mainstreaming of plant-based diets

Each year, the National Trust for Historic Preservation names its 11 most-endangered historic places in America, often selecting neighborhoods, landmarks and even sports arenas. The Grand Canyon leads the 2015 list, which also includes a western New York landmark: the amphitheater at the Chautauqua Institution, a short drive to our west. Some Rochester preservationists have not only taken up the fight to save Chautauqua; they've been thinking about what a list of Rochester's most endangered landmarks would look like. We'll talk about that with our panel:

The Rochester Community Task Force on School Climate has released a new draft on how to discipline students in school. It's the student portion of the Code of Conduct, and it goes to the heart of discipline questions: when is it appropriate to suspend or expel a student? The committee is asking for public feedback over the next month. We'll dig into the specifics of the proposal, and talk about what it might mean for students, parents, and teachers in Rochester. Our guests:

  • Adair Liles, a student on the School Climate Committee 
  • Jennifer Bannister, Teen Empowerment and a member of the committee
  • Spero Michailidis, a teacher who works with the Gandhi Institute and a member of the committee
  • Melanie Funchess, director of Community Engagement for the Mental Health Association

Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, July 29th

Jul 28, 2015

First hour: Analyzing the proposed new Code of Conduct for the Rochester City School District

Second hour: Saving western New York landmarks

We spend this hour talking with Adam Frank, astrophysicist and author from the University of Rochester. We're talking lessons from Pluto, and we'll dive into his recent commentary on embracing ignorance. (Or at least accepting that some questions of the universe will not be answered in our lifetime.)

Rochester is getting ready to roll out a new initiative to help seniors who are going hungry. Our panel explains how it works, and why this has become such a serious issue: