Wayne County officials declare state of emergency for bays and harbors

Apr 19, 2017

Wayne County officials have declared a state of emergency on all bays and harbors in that area.

The advisory comes from Board of Supervisors Chairman Steven LeRoy and Sheriff Barry Virts who say a ‘special state of emergency’ will be in place for Sodus Bay, Port Bay, East Bay, Blind Sodus Bay, Pultneyville Harbor and Bear Creek Harbor.

That means as of 12:01 a.m. Thursday, motorized boat traffic must operate at idle speed only, causing no wake on those bays and harbors.

The officials say The Wayne County bays and harbors are at higher than normal water levels. Lake Ontario and Wayne County bays and harbors are reported to be at or above flooding level (247.3 feet).  

Although recent boat traffic on all the Wayne County bays and harbors has been minimal, increased boat traffic would create a hazardous situation, property damage and shore line erosion. 

The authorities say that public safety concerns including floating debris and submerged obstructions, property damage and shore line erosion from high water level and motorized boat traffic wakes.