Warren Transition Team Named

Nov 13, 2013

Two volunteers and a paid consultant will help Lovely Warren make the transition to Mayor on January 1st, 2014.

Warren says trial attorney Christopher Thomas and RIT professor Dr. dt ogilvie will lead the transition team.

Strategic Community Intervention, founded by former Mayor Bill Johnson, has been retained as consultants.

And former Mayor Tom Richards will serve as special advisor.

Warren says the most important thing at this time is to make the transition to the new administration as soon as possible.

When asked if Police Chief James Sheppard will stay, Warren said if he wants to remain, he can apply for the job.

She says that also applies to anyone appointed by the Mayor, which amounts to about 77 employees.

Warren says she has some people in mind for positions in her administration.

The transition office opens Monday on the fourth floor of the Ellwanger Building at 39 State Street in Rochester.

Warren adds in the coming weeks, she'll be attending Harvard University's Institute of Politics, and a seminar for newly-elected mayors.

It's designed to address the practical challenges faced by urban mayors.