UR Professor Says U.S. is Wise not to Meddle in Egyptian Protests

Jul 2, 2013

Credit www.cnn.com

A University of Rochester professor says increasing frustrations about the state of the economy are behind the protests in Egypt. 

Emil Homerin is a professor in the UR's department of Religion and Classics who studied for years in Egypt. He says the Egyptian military has given President Mohamed Morsi an ultimatum to "meet the demands of the people", or it will intervene. "The military is a very powerful player in Egypt. They're involved in everything from manufacturing to agriculture to real estate as well as military matters. So, a dragging economy is not good for them. I think they're frustrated very much with Morsi and the Islamic Brotherhood, who claim they want dialogue, but only on their terms."

Homerin says the average Egyptian feels powerless in the face of job losses, rising prices and fuel shortages. He says the U.S. is wise not to meddle in the protests.  President Obama has said the U.S. is committed to democracy in Egypt, but not to any particular leader.