United Way Distributes More Than $15 Million To Local Organizations

Jul 23, 2013

The United Way of Greater Rochester is announcing the distribution of more than $15 million to nearly 60 local organizations. The money comes from this year's fundraising campaign, and the programs that were funded were chosen as part of the United Way's  "Blueprint for Change. "  That program focus on areas such as helping infants and senior citizens.

The chairman of the local United Way board, Dave Fiedler, says with the challenges presented by changes in the local economy, the United Way is looking for new ways to raise money.

"Figuring out how to operate more efficiently, we're working very hard at the United Way to figure out new ways to bring money into the organization as well , so we're promoting right now,  'gathering to give' which is an online way for people to contribute to the United Way, to the community fund ."

Fiedler says one of changes that has affected United Way donations is the fact that there aren't as many large companies in our area anymore, so the United Way is looking for ways to reach out to small businesses and organizations.