Travelers try to make the best of cancellations, delays at airport

Mar 14, 2017

Credit Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

In anticipation of the northeastern snow storm, thousands of flights across the country were canceled or delayed Tuesday.

The terminal at the Rochester International Airport was eerily quiet, as only a couple of flights were still scheduled to depart. Charlie O’Neil was trying to get to Madison, Wisconsin.

"It’s dead, I don’t see anybody here, it looks like its 3am in an airport."

O’Neil said he planned on hanging out in the terminal and getting some work done while waiting to hear updates on his flight. He said delays are just a part of air travel.

"You just take it as you go. I mean there’s no reason to get upset about it, its part of life. Its a delay so make the best of it."

Bill and Terry Hochreiter currently live in Florida, but we're visiting Rochester for Bill’s fathers 90th birthday, his family is from Chili.

Terry, originally from Florida, said this is the first time she’s seen a storm like this.

"It is trying at the least. Driving, I’ve never driven in snow. At first I was really excited about it. Now I’m not liking it so much."

Leigh Bryan originally grew up in Elmira, New York and said planning for travel in the snow is something she’s dealt with before.

“I anticipated this. So we were talking last night to figure out plans if flights got delayed or canceled and what not, so thankfully only a delay."

Bryan, like O’Neil and others at the airport Tuesday morning, was handling the delays well; saying it’s just a part of traveling in the winter. But she was eager to get back to her current home of Savannah, Georgia.

"When we were picking a place to live I didn’t want to live anywhere that got snow."