Thruway Cancels Toll Hike

Dec 17, 2012

The New York Thruway Authority has rescinded a controversial 45% truck toll hike proposal, saying it intends to cut costs instead.

Thruway executive director Tom Madison, at an announcement with Governor Cuomo, says the authority scrapped plans for the truck toll hike, and will economize instead.  361 jobs will be eliminated, and other workers will see their benefits cut. State police will have to fund Thruway patrols themselves, and some state agencies might take over some of the services provided on the canal system, which has been a financial drain on the authority.

Cuomo says he’s pleased.

“I thought it   would  be  counterproductive from an economic development point of view ,” Cuomo said.

The cancellation of the toll hike was heralded by business leaders, who had pushed to see the truck toll increase rescinded.

“We are thankful and relieved,” said President of the New York State Business Council Heather Briccetti.

“This shows that public advocacy in New York can work and does work,” said Brian Sampson, of the pro business group Unshackle Upstate.