Thousands Set to Rally Against NY SAFE Act in Albany

Feb 27, 2013

Credit www.thinkprogress.org

Hundreds of local gun advocates are heading to the state Capitol on Thursday to rally against the NY SAFE Act during the annual New York State Rifle and Pistol Association Lobby and Rally Day.

Three motor coach buses will leave Marketplace Mall  at 5 a.m.Thursday to take the advocates to Albany  to speak with their local legislators.

David Jenkins, of Rochester Personal Defense, LLC, who organized the bus trip says he's ready to participate in the discussion over gun restrictions.

"To find out what I can do to help reverse this, to fix this, to help mitigate this," says Jenkins. "And what people can do to help, instead of being part of the problem. We want to be part of the solution."

The nation's toughest gun law bans assault weapons, levies harsher background checks and limits ammunition to seven capacity magazines, all of which Jenkins says are unreasonable. He says the NY SAFE Act has created a ground swell over the right to bear arms - now more than ever.

"A lot of people have used the term lately where 'Cuomo has awoken up the sleeping giant'," Jenkins says.

NRA president David Keene is the guest speaker of the event, among other officials opposed to the gun law.

Thousands of people are expected to attend the rally from as far as Pennsylvania, Vermont, and New Hampshire.