Thomas Warfield Receives Geva Theatre Award

Apr 11, 2014

Credit ntid.rit.edu

Geva Theatre Center is honoring Thomas Warfield with the 2014 Essie Calhoun Diversity in the Arts Award.

Warfield is a performer and Rochester native who is also the founder and artistic director of PeaceArt International. That’s an outreach not-for-profit organization utilizing the arts and the creative process to foster world peace. Warfield’s work to raise awareness about orphans around the world with HIV/AIDS has raised thousands of dollars.

Geva created the award in 2011, which was named in honor of Essie Calhoun, retired from her job as Chief Diversity Officer at Kodak.

Warfield is also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Cultural and Creative Studies at NTID.

Warfield was honored with the award on Friday night at the opening of I and You.