Sustainable gardeners show off hard work in Genesee Land Trust fundraiser

Jun 24, 2017

Credit geneseelandtrust.org / Willie D'Anna

Eight unique gardens that focus on harmony with nature and creating a habitat for wildlife are featured on the Genesee Land Trust’s Backyard Habitat Tour Saturday.

Standards for habitat included providing food, water, shelter and a place where wildlife can raise a new family.

Gay Mills, Executive Director of the organization says they hope to encourage people to create more sustainable green space in their backyards and gardens.

"A garden can be more than just for the gardener and the people who enjoy it. If you think about it and you put some different things or you garden in a certain way you can be a home for lots of other creatures."

Most gardens on the tour were designed to attract creatures like butterflies, dragonflies and various birds.

“If you’re trying to get hummingbird then maybe you’re providing hummingbird feeders or special flowers that hummingbirds will go to to get food and nectar and insects.”

The Genesee Land Trust is dedicated to connecting people to nature through tours and preserving land and wildlife habitats.

Gardens are featured in Rochester, Brighton and Penfield. It’s the organizations largest and most popular fundraising event.