Study Looks At Smoking Habits Of Community College Students

Oct 28, 2013

There's a study going to to try and find ways of helping community college students who are smokers but want to quit. The study is being done by researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center, with the help of a grant from the National Cancer Institute.

Scott McIntosh is the lead investigator on the study, and he says young adults, specifically community college students, have a higher rate of smoking than the general adult population.

"The main reason is, people with lower socio-economic status., their income, their access to resources etc., those issues are more prevalent in community college students, and they've just been understudied and underserved in the past ."

The U of R is recruiting 1500 smokers who go to community colleges around the state. Students enrolled in the study will need to complete questionnaires over the next year and they will be paid $45  for their participation. The study will look at how a web-based program might be able to help the students quit smoking.

You can find more information about the study here.