Spider-Man Street Closures For Thursday, 5/9

May 8, 2013

Credit PBS.org

 Spider-Filming Street Closures:

(see map below:)

Thursday, May 9, 2013 street closures (final day of filming)

  • Main St. from South Ave to Scio St.
  • East Ave. from Main St. to Scio St.
  • Gibbs St.
  • Swan St.
  • Chestnut St from Euclid to Pleasant will be open intermittently to allow traffic to cross East Ave. and Main St.
  • Vehicles will not be permitted.
  • Pedestrians requiring access to buildings along this section of Main St. will be directed by Rochester police officers and/or film production company staff (who will wear identifiable credentials and be posted at intersections). 

Thursday, May 9, 2013 local traffic only (final day of filming)

  • Stone St. from Main St. to Broad St.
  • S. Clinton Ave. from Main St. to Broad St.
  • Franklin St. / Franklin Ct. from Pleasant St. to Main St.
  • Liberty Pole Way from Pleasant St. to Franklin Ct.
  • Achilles St.
  • Euclid St. from Main St. to Chestnut St.
  • Stillson St. from Chestnut to Main St.
  • Vehicle and pedestrian access to buildings, parking lots and garages on these streets will be permitted. 

Credit City of Rochester