Soggy Start to the Rochester Lilac Festival

May 10, 2013

Visitors to Highland Park for day one of the Rochester Lilac Festival were greeted by rain -- heavy rain at times.
But regular visitors to the festival are accustomed to some iffy weather now and then.
Even Lilac -- and that's her name -- a Rochester resident who never misses this event, says it could be raining, snowing, or 85 degrees during the festival -- you never know.
Hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected during the festivals day-run through May 19th.
Producer Jeff Springut says they make it look easy, but it takes about six to eight months to organize the event.
He says the lilacs are already impressive, and they're told that by the middle of next week, the park will be in "peak performance."
The Rochester Lilac Festival runs through May 19th.