Six Buffalo Area Infants Die From Unsafe Sleep Practices

Jan 31, 2014

Credit www.blog.isisparenting.com

Health officials in Buffalo say six infants died there this month as a result of unsafe sleeping practices.

Erie County Health Commissioner Dr. Gale Burstein says two babies died after too many blankets were placed in their crib and they suffocated.  Three of the infants died in a bed where an adult had unknowingly rolled over on top of them.  Details of the other death weren't released.

Dr. Elizabeth Murray, pediatrician at the University of Rochester Medical Center, says co-sleeping is to blame for about one infant death per month here in Monroe County.        

"Studies have shown us time and time again, whether it be using dolls, or just hearing the horrific stories of what's happening to people in real life, that these are happening in situations where people are most definitely sober, they are not horribly obese.  These are just horrific accidents that are happening to families from Brighton to Pittsford to the city and all parts of our community."

Murray says infants under 6 months are safest in their own crib in a sleep sack or snuggly swaddled blanket that will not move up over their nose or mouth.