Several Livingston County Deputies Plead In Connection With Time-Sheet Charges

Jun 9, 2014

Several of the nine former Livingston County Deputies charged in connection with an investigation into alleged time-sheet fraud have pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.

The deputies were in Geneseo Village Court Monday morning after originally being charged with offering a false instrument for filing, which is a misdemeanor.

Seven of the men pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of criminal solicitation, which is a violation. As a result, they will not have a criminal record.  Another deputy pleaded guilty to the original charge, and the ninth deputy, who has a new job, was not in court. According to the Democrat and Chronicle that man will be back in court next month and may plead guilty.

The more than year-long investigation focused on whether full time deputies sometimes had part-time deputies cover their shifts, and then paid them out of their own money. The allegation is that the full time deputies filled out their time cards showing that they worked when they actually did not.