Several Contests Expected To Boost Primary Participation

Sep 10, 2013

Tuesday is Primary Day in New York State. Voter turnout can sometimes be a struggle, especially in a primary. But Monroe County elections officials are hopeful more people will be going to the polls this time around with Democratic primaries getting a lot of interest in the City of Rochester.

"We're anticipating turnout overall could be anywhere in the 33 to 36 percent range if people do come out and participate, we do have some highly contested races, the biggest probably being in the city of Rochester for mayor, council and school board, " said Monroe County Republican Elections Commissioner Peter Quinn. He  notes that there are also some other primaries around the county including Republican town supervisor primaries in Hamlin, Henrietta and Perinton.

Monroe County Democratic Elections Commissioner Tom Ferrarese  says if you are registered with a political party, it's really important to come out and vote.

"We encourage people to get out and vote because primaries make a big difference and with the low turnout , just a few votes very often per election district could make a big difference."

Among the other contests going on, a Republican primary for Livingston County Sheriff. Voting is from Noon to 9:00 p.m. Listen for results and analysis right after President Obama's comments to the nation on Syria (which are scheduled for 9:00 p.m.) on AM 1370 and wxxinews.org.