Senator Proposes Unpaid Leave for Domestic Violence Victims

Apr 2, 2013

Credit www.thegospelcoalition.org

Senator Joe Robach of Greece is proposing an amendment to the state's labor law that would allow victims of domestic violence to take unpaid leave from their jobs.  Robach said, " This would really allow them, if they had to go to an emergency shelter, if they had to take a leave to separate from that violent person and avoid further injury or God knows what," to do so without fear of losing their job.  

The measure would allow an employee who is the victim of domestic or sexual violence to be eligible for ninety days of unpaid leave from their job during any twelve month period.  Robach said the time off would allow workers to seek treatment. "There's nothing worse than when you see someone who tells family and friends they want to get out, they feel they're in danger, and something tragic happens only because they're afraid to make that move. I think this would make it a little more encouraging."

Robach said he believes most employers would support the proposed legislation. " It wouldn't really cost them money, but they want their employee back healthy and whole and want them to perform their job unrestricted."  The measure is currently in committee. Robach said he hopes that it will be before the full legislature some time this year.