RPD Says Officer's Bullet Accidentally Struck Bystander

Jul 4, 2013

Rochester Police Chief Jim Sheppard says that ballistic testing reveals that it was an officer's bullet that struck an unintended victim during an incident on June 27th.

The bystander, 47 year old Gene McDougal of Henrietta, was hit by a round as Sgt. Flamur Zenelovic was defending himself in a gunfight with homicide suspect Ralph Strong. The incident happened on North Goodman Street in the city. Strong, a suspect in a double homicide, was shot several times and is still being treated at the hospital.

Sheppard says he visited McDougal while he was in the hospital to express his regrets about the shooting and the chief says that McDougal was released from the hospital on Wednesday and is at home recovering.

Zenelovic was also wounded in the shooting and was released from the hospital last Sunday.