Rohrbach's To Start A Canning Line For Their Beers

Jul 16, 2013

People who enjoy Rohrbach's, one of the locally made craft beers, may soon be able to drink the brew in cans. The owner of the company, John Urlaub, asked for a sales tax incentive Tuesday from COMIDA, Monroe County's industrial development agency, and it was approved.

Urlaub plans to make renovations to the Rohrbach brewing operation located at the public market in Rochester so that it can accommodate a new canning line.

Right now, Rohrbach's is selling large jugs of their draft beer, called  "growlers" , but Urlaub says selling the beer in cans opens up other sales opportunities for them.

"It’s taken many years, but honestly for Rohrbach's, we've got to get smaller packages, make it a little bit easier for our customers to enjoy our products. Our growlers have worked out really well, but this is a canning line which will really increase our capacity, our distribution. "

Urlaub eventually hopes to be able to sell Rohrbach's at locations around the state, since the cans have a longer shelf  life than the large, glass jugs. Rohrbach's will add two employees now, and Urlaub hopes to growth that number later on.