Rochester Updates Report Evaluating Red Light Cameras

May 24, 2016

Credit cityofrochester.gov

A report  just completed evaluating Rochester's red light camera program recommends the city continue with the cameras that first appeared in 2010.

That according to City Engineer Jim McIntosh who says city-commissioned report looks at the 32 intersections monitored by 48 cameras around the city.

“Total accidents at these intersections are down 20 percent; we have a crash rate for disregarding a red light signal, that is, where the crash was caused by somebody going through the red light down by over 50 percent at those intersections.”

McIntosh says it's estimated that red light cameras are saving a total of about $1.2 million in vehicle damage repairs. He says there isn't a way to estimate the effect that cameras have had on preventing serious physical injury, but is assuming that would be significant as well. 

McIntosh says rear-end crashes rates increased at eight intersections, but decreased at 20 others and stayed the same at four of the intersections monitored by the cameras.

The consultant’s report also recommends that one intersection, Maple & Saxton, be considered for removal of a red light camera there due to a low number of accidents.