Remmereit Contract Terminated Immediately

Jan 24, 2013

Arild Remmereit, former RPO Music Director

Arild Remmereit is out as Music Director for the Rochester Philarmonic Orchestra.

The RPO Board of Directors released a statement Thursday saying the RPO has terminated its contract with Remmereit, effective immediately. The orchestra originally said they were ending his contract two years early, in August of this year, allowing Remmereit to complete the 2012-2013 season.

The During the RPO's annual meeting Wednesday, Board Chair Elizabeth Rice said Remmereit was failing to perform his job responsibilities and commitment to build working relationships with the CEO, musicians and staff. Rice says the decision to cut the maestro's contract short was not quick, but rather one that took about a year and a half to make. That's as the board hired a New York City-based labor-relation firm, Craviso & Associates, LLC, that does work for symphony orchestras and their boards. City Newspaper has obtained the confidential report, which is linked to the end of the story.

Rice says the immediate termination of the relationship between the RPO and Remmereit was necessary and "in the interest of the orchestra's long-term excellence, both artistically and financially."

“We gave Mr. Remmereit the opportunity to continue to perform this season, but he has not provided us with any assurance he would do so,” says Rice. “Many people have said they want Mr. Remmereit reinstated; however, the truth is, he has shown no interest in being reinstated, let alone finishing this season.”

Rice says a search committee is underway to find a permanent music director, which Rice says could take a couple of years to fill. In the meantime, she says the RPO will continue to use guest conductors. 

WXXI has reached out to Remmereit's attorney for reaction. 

Click here for the Craviso report on City Newspaper’s website