Rail Transportation Company Adding Local Jobs

Apr 8, 2015

Congresswoman Slaughter at Alstom
Credit Alex Crichton

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter toured Alstom Transportation in Henrietta today, noting the company that makes rail signaling devices, rail cars and other products and supplies is adding 75 jobs at its local facility.

Much of that is due to investments at the federal level.

Slaughter says it’s imperative that Congress pass a transportation bill so those investments in rail infrastructure continue.

Alstom Senior Vice President, Jerome Wallut, says his company, which currently employees 500, depends on long-term investment for new product innovation.

Inside Alstom's John St. facility

Addressing employees, Slaughter also renewed her call for more investment in high-speed rail.

She adds work continues on a new intermodal transportation center downtown where there were Amtrak ridership was over 136-thousand people last year.

Here's Congresswoman Slaughter touring Alstom's John Street facility in West Henrietta: