Proposed New York law is named for two dogs killed in a burglary a year ago

Feb 17, 2017

Credit Denise Krohn

The burglary of a home in rural Montgomery is the inspiration behind a pending law that would make it a felony to kill or hurt an animal during the commission of another crime.

Burglars broke into Denise Krohn's home a year ago today, but she said they took something more precious than her material possessions.

"My one dog, Kirby, he was lying on the kitchen floor. It kind of catches you off guard because he was lying there kind of peacefully, but then I realized he was surrounded by a pool of blood."

Krohn said police told her that the evidence showed her dogs probably did not attack the intruders as they were ransacking her house.

"And they said, 'Your dogs were probably running right alongside of them, wanting to play, and when they left they turned around and shot them.' "

Kirby and Quigley's law passed in the state Senate last month, for the fifth consecutive year. But the legislation has been held up in an Assembly committee.

Krohn, who has been lobbying for passage of the measure in Albany, said a felony charge for hurting or killing an animal is seen by some lawmakers as too harsh.

"What I found out is that there are some people who believe that your monetary worth is worth more than your pet; that the pennies on your shelf are worth more than your pets."

An online petition has been posted to collect signatures for support of the bill.  The measure is sponsored in the Senate by Republican James Tedisco, who introduced the legislation five years ago, and named it after Kirby and Quigley following their deaths.

Police have not made any arrests yet in the burglary of Denise Krohn's home.