Pittsford Schools Test For Lead In Water Fixtures

Apr 4, 2016

The Pittsford School District has released information about water quality tests on various fixtures in its buildings.

District officials say a voluntary test was conducted by an independent consultant to test each schools drinking and service water for lead.

The raw data showed that of the 228 water samples tested, 20 of them showed lead levels above the EPA guidelines for schools.

The district says that where there were elevated lead levels, those devices were taken out of service. 14 of the 20 devices have already been removed or replaced.

Some other suburban districts, including Brighton and Penfield, have also found lead while testing water fixtures.  A number of school districts around the country have been sampling their water after the crisis involving the water system in Flint, Michigan.

Local school officials note that the state and county health departments say the amount of lead found in the school taps is not a significant source of lead.