Pittsford could abandon full day kindergarten following Tuesday's school budget defeat

May 17, 2017

Credit freeimages.com/Kristen Price

The Pittsford Central School District is weighing its options after voters rejected a proposed school budget that would have increased property taxes by 4.7 percent.

The spending plan included funding for the district's plans to add full kindergarten this fall, but Superintendent Michael Pero said exit polling of nearly 2,000 voters Tuesday showed that not everyone supports the idea.

"Those who voted no on the budget are primarily opposed to overriding the tax cap, period. They're opposed to higher taxes, and several don't quite see the value added that full day kindergarten brings."

Pero said there will still be an opportunity for residents to offer their feedback to the district before a decision is made  about how to proceed. 

If full day kindergarten was eliminated, Pero said there would be minimal cuts to make to bring the school budget in line with the 2 percent state tax cap.

The district now has several options. One is to adopt a contingency plan that is $6.5 million leaner than the originally proposed budget. Another is to ask voters to make another choice on the same budget they rejected Tuesday, or a spending plan that is higher or lower in cost.

If there is another vote, it would take place on June 20.