NYS Police Increasing Road Patrols This Week

Apr 1, 2013

Credit www.safeny.ny.gov

New York State Police say they plan increased road patrols for the week starting Monday and enforcing both speed and so-called "move over'' laws.  

Troopers say speed remains a leading cause of fatalities and poses a threat to police and emergency workers.  

The "Move Over Law,'' passed after two officers were killed, requires drivers slow when approaching stopped emergency or police vehicles on the shoulder or roadway with emergency lights activated.  

 On multi-lane highways, drivers must move one lane over if they can do it safely.  Police issued 13,909 related tickets in 2011 and 12,781 last year.  In 2012, the law added emergency vehicles with amber lights including tow and maintenance trucks.  Authorities say they don't track accidents caused by drivers suddenly changing lanes or slowing to obey the law.