New VA Medical Center for Monroe County

Jul 16, 2013

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter says she's been fighting to make sure veterans get access to quality health care services since she joined Congress in 1987.

Tuesday she announced 14.6-million dollars in federal funds has been secured for a new facility, one that would replace the outmoded Westfall Road center.

Slaughter says the site of the new medical center hasn't been determined, but it will feature 672 parking spaces, and new shuttle service to take veterans to the Canandaigua facility or to Buffalo if they need hospitalization.

She says it will offer a number of services, including outpatient urology procedures, endoscopies and colonoscopies, orthopedic procedures, infusion therapy, and general ambulatory surgery.

The VA is considering sites for the new facility and Slaughter expects that to be announced by January.

The medical center should open by June, 2016, but Slaughter says she'll work to get it opened sooner than that.