More Jobs Coming To Eastman Business Park

Nov 18, 2013

Credit Eastman Business Park

There are more jobs coming to the Eastman Business Park. A British company called Naturally Scientific, which is involved in producing plant and vegetable oils, is joining forces with some local entrepreneurs to form a joint venture. They are working with a local bio-tech company, Sweetwater Energy.

Keith Wilson is a managing partner with Naturally Scientific, and he says the oils bring produced have a number of applications.

"They can be used for bio-diesel, those can be used for specialty chemicals, there are a whole host of applications that we can use on the downstream process for industrial purposes. "

The project is expected to create 50 jobs by 2016, and 170 jobs by 2018.  The state is helping out with $8 million in loans. The Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council, which oversees the application for state money for area projects, has made the Eastman Business Park development a top priority.