Monroe County Offically Takes a Stand Against the NY SAFE Act

Mar 13, 2013

Credit www.governor.ny.gov

Monroe County lawmakers have joined a growing list of their counterparts around the state in asking Governor Cuomo to repeal New York's Safe Act.

The legislature  joined County Executive Maggie Brooks in signing a letter to that effect. Majority Leader Anthony Daniele says "lawmakers do support the Webster Provision" which calls for stiffer penalties for those convicted of killing a first responder in the line of duty. The legislature wants that to pass as stand-alone legislation.

County Executive Maggie Brooks also released a statement regarding the resolution:

"Monroe County's opposition to the NY SAFE Act is not about politics, it's about good public policy and protecting the rights of law abiding citizens. The SAFE Act adds new layers of bureaucracy that will prove to be very costly for overburdened property taxpayers. Worse yet, law enforcement professionals have said that this law does nothing to address the root causes of violent crimes or illegal guns on our streets that perpetuate the problem." 

The resolution which was submitted as a Matter of Urgency will be filed with the State Legislature and the Governor's Office.