Monroe Community Hospital Marks 80th Birthday

Sep 23, 2013

Monroe Community Hospital is celebrating 80 years of service in the Rochester area.

To mark the anniversary, hospital residents - along with staff members - released dozens of balloons outside the facility at the same location officials dedicated the building in 1933.

Each balloon included the address of one of the 566 hospital residents. Whoever finds a balloon in the community, and is the furthest from the hospital, will split $100 with the individual whose balloon it represents.

Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks says the county hosted several events throughout September to honor the hospital's history.

"It’s really a very, very unique facility, one that we're very proud of,” Brooks says. “We've made a public commitment to support this hospital even if it means that the finances are getting harder and harder to get together each year.  We respect the history and we appreciate all that's done for quality of life for residents who live here."

Monroe Community Hospital is the area’s largest skilled nursing facility and the first healthcare institution.

The facility provides long-term care for infants, children and adults with complex or chronic health conditions.