Local Program Designed To Help Monitor Criminal Defendants Gets More State Aid

Jan 12, 2014

Credit npr.org

State officials say nearly two dozen programs statewide, including one in Monroe County, will share more than $5 million in grants to support alternatives to jail and reduce recidivism.  A local program is getting nearly $300,000.

The grants are administered by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.  Monroe County contracts with an organization called the Pre-Trial Services Corporation.”

Craig McNair is the executive director and he says the funding will help his organization expand the services it provides to defendants in town courts. 

"We currently can do interviews and recommendations in town courts but it's after a defendant has been arraigned and detained in the Monroe County Jail. The grant will help us develop a specific approach to provide pre-trial release information and recommendations at the time of the arraignments in town courts, is our hope. "

McNair says the grant will also allow the pre-trial program to expand the hours that it can provide services.