Local Member of Muslim Organization Responds to Boston Bombers' Alledged Ties to Islamic Extremism

Apr 23, 2013

Boston bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dzohkhar Tsarnaev
Credit www.usatoday.com

A representative of Rochester's Muslim community is reacting to reports that the Boston Marathon bombing suspects had ties to Islamic extremism.

Mubarak Bashir, director of faith outreach for the local chapter of the group Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, says the group condemns this terrorist attack.  "A good majority of us are U.S. citizens, so it hurts us as Americans because it happened on our soil."  Bashir says the Quran requires Mulsims to forbid violence and uphold justice.  he says the Muslim community commends Boston's first responders and police investigators for acting so quickly and courageously.

Bashir cautions area residents against painting Muslims with a broad brush.  "I think if people focus on the media and the news, they glorify these incidents, where there is a large majority of Muslims who are promoting peace and doing peaceful things. In our community each year we hold a nationwide blood drive. Over the two years we've collected about 22,000 units of blood. So we're out there promoting peace and saving lives."

Bashir welcomes those interested to visit the organization's mosque at 1609 East Main Street or the information booth at the Public Market each weekend during the month of May.