Local Gun Owners Ask Questions about NY SAFE Act

Jan 30, 2013

Credit www.thinkprogress.org

Dozens of Rochester area gun owners came to a forum at the Public Safety Building Tuesday night to ask questions and offer opinions on the New York SAFE Act, the tough new gun law passed two weeks ago. 

Representatives were on hand from the State Police and the State Division of Criminal Justice Services. Gun owners had questions about everything from gun permit renewals to ammunition background checks and and assault weapon registration. 

Mike Green, Executive  Deputy Commissioner of the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services said one of the features of the new law ensures that a deceased gun owner's firearm does not end up being used in a crime.  Green said, "It will give us a process where we can use that automation to do that check and find out who died with guns and make sure those guns are properly accounted for."

Gun owner Stephen Kahl said he came to the forum to to get the answers to some questions. Kahl says he has phoned the NY SAFE Act hotline several times and has received differing answers regarding revolver guns each time he has called.  Kahl said, "I find a lot of answers coming back 'we don't know', or 'we'll get back to you,' and I  think that just has has to do with how rushed it was; how rushed the law was when it was created."

The new law states that starting on April 15, 2013, magazines are limited to seven rounds, unless, a gun owner is at an incorporated firing range or competition recognized by the National Rifle Association or International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association, in which case the limit is ten. 

The state also says antique guns with magazines that can contain more than ten rounds can be kept, provided that both the gun and the magazine are registered.  

Gun owners who currently have firearms that are now defined as assault weapons and magazines containing more than ten rounds can be transferred to another dealer or sold out of state or to law enforcement. The guns and magazines can also be permanently modified and sold within the state.

More information is available at the NY SAFE Act hotline number is 1-855-GUNS  or http://www.nysafeact.com