At Least 9 Dead as NE Cleanup Continues

Feb 10, 2013

Reuters news agency reports at least 9 people have died in the blizzard conditions that swept over the Northeast on Friday and Saturday.

Snow falls reached up to 40 inches in some places.

Nearly 1,000 personnel continue to work in Suffolk County on Long Island,  to try and clear roads ahead of the Monday peak hour. According to the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo this is the largest mobilization for snowstorm cleanup in the state's history.

“Suffolk County has not seen a winter storm like Nemo in years, and the massive amount of snow left behind effectively shut down the entire region,” Governor Cuomo said in a statement on Sunday.

“From the moment that it became clear that Suffolk County would bear the worst of the storm’s impact on New York, the state dispensed an unprecedented level of resources, equipment, and manpower to support local relief efforts. The state will continue to do everything possible to augment existing recovery work and will ensure that residents of Suffolk County can go back to life as normal as quickly as possible.”

Suffolk County had up to 30 inches of snow, and around 150 people were stranded in their cars on the Long Island Expressway Friday night.

New York state, including crews from New York City, has sent snow plows and utility crews to Connecticut and Massachusetts.


There are still some danger spots around Monroe County roads. Visit the Monroe County 911 Incidents page for up to date information.


Flightaware.com reports that 5,368 flights were canceled due to the blizzard. Flights at Rochester International Airport are getting back to close to normal.  You can check the status of flights by visiting the airport's departure page or the airport's arrival page.

Amtrak Services

Sunday morning, Amtrak has announced a limited return of service between New York and Boston,


 Contact 1800 743 1701 to report supply problems.  As of Sunday morning only about two dozen RG&E customers were without power.