Lakeshore officials make the push for federal aid

Jul 13, 2017

Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich signing letter to Gov. Cuomo
Credit Alex Crichton

Elected officials from lakeshore communities are asking Gov. Cuomo to request the president declare areas hit hard by flooding a disaster, so federal funds can go to help residents.

Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich, Sodus Point Mayor Chris Tertinek and Sodus Town Supervisor Steven LeRoy were among those signing a letter to Cuomo asking him to request federal help.

Reilich says they are asking the Governor to act now, so that Federal Emergency Management Agency resources may be made available to lake and pond front residents.

"Many residents have suffered financially, tens of thousands, some, and some in excess of one hundred thousand dollars in damage," he said.

Areas in Greece are among those hit hard by flooding this year

Reilich adds the overriding concern is that this flooding doesn't become an annual event.

Chris Tertinek is the mayor of Sodus Point, another area hit hard by the flooding.

"The citizens of Sodus Point would be extremely happy if the governor could as soon as possible ask the president of the United States to declare this a disaster area so we can get FEMA involved and try to get back to some normalcy," he said.

The local elected officials are hoping the President will declare the increased lake levels a major disaster under the federal Stafford Act, which would make federal emergency funding available.

Cuomo has said he will seek federal disaster assistance for communities along Lake Ontario affected by recent floods.

Supervisor Reilich reads the letter to the governor: