Kodak Ranks Highly As A "Patriotic" Brand

Jul 2, 2013

Credit www.kodak.com

Kodak may have sold off a lot of its businesses, and downsized its workforce in recent years, but it still ranks highly when it comes to being viewed as being a patriotic brand.

A New York based research firm called Brand Keys, has released results of its survey in time for the July 4th holiday.  In the top 25 of patriotic brands, Kodak tied for 10th.

Brand Keys President Robert Passikoff  tells WXXI News  it's not surprising that Kodak is still a very strong brand name for a lot of Americans.

"I  think that the entire concept of Kodak being part of folks' lives and part of how they recorded their lives, for a long, long time, resonates with people."

Passikoff says even if a brand is considered patriotic, it doesn't necessarily contribute to higher sales. But he says sometimes a company that has a patriotic association with consumers can see a spike in sales around certain holidays, such as July 4th.

The brand with the greatest patriotic association in this new survey is Chrysler's Jeep Brand, which Passikoff says likely is tied to the long military background of that vehicle.