Irondequoit Library Vote April 23rd

Apr 11, 2013

In less than two weeks, residents in Irondequoit will decide upon a referendum to borrow up to 13-million dollars for a new central library next to the Town Hall.
One more public hearing on the matter was held Wednesday night.
Irondequoit Public Library Director Terry Buford said they addressed the most commonly raised concerns by residents: expanding the parking lot at the Town Hall campus, what would improve at a new facility, and the cost.
He says the cost for taxpayers would amount to 29-cents per 1-thousand dollars of assessed value.
But they may not have to borrow the entire 13-million dollars, if fundraising and grant-seeking efforts are a success.
Buford says a centralized library would be a much more efficient operation, offer expanded services and operating hours.
Polls are open Tuesday, April 23rd from 9am to 9pm.