Five Local School Districts Awarded Technology Vouchers

Feb 20, 2013

Greece is among 5 local school districts receiving funding to buy new computer software and hardware equipment. 

The state is awarding low-income school districts with a total of $87 million in technology vouchers. It's to assist with the transition for computer-based testing and student achievement. Greece is receiving a total of $360,000.

Shaun Nelms, deputy superintendent of the Greece Central School District, says the money would go toward purchasing cutting-edge technology to put into the classrooms of nine district schools.

"These are schools that would definitely benefit from the use of technology particularly because they have a number of students who are right at grade level or slightly below so this technology would kind of set some of that giving them some different experiences academically."

The state checks are part of a settlement reached in 2006 between the Education Department and the Microsoft Corporation. State Education Commissioner John King says "too often students in low-income school districts miss out on the use of the latest technology in their classrooms.

"Any time that we can take our school district the 21st century is an opportunity that we welcome," Nelms says. "I think that our students are so used to using technology in their everyday lives that to enhance our infrastructure would only be an added bonus for our students to come."

Rochester, East Irondequoit, Gates and East Rochester are among the other school district being awarded technology vouchers.

The Breakdown:

The East Rochester School District is receiving $40,598
Gates Central School District is receiving $35,056
East Irondequoit School District is receiving $115,183
The Rochester City School District is receiving a total of more than a million dollars