Ellison Park, Parts of Powdermills Park Underwater

Jun 14, 2013

Thursday's heavy rains pushed Irondequoit Creek over its banks, flooding out Ellison Park, and putting some picnic tables in shelters at Powder Mills Park underwater.

That's the word from Monroe County Parks Director Larry Staub.

He says Ellison Park is closed due to the flooding and will likely remain closed through the weekend.
Staub says that's unfortunate because many people rent out pavilions and shelters for parties and Father's Day activities.
And with the parks near one hundred percent capacity, there's no other place to put people.
So those who rented facilities at Ellison Park will get a full refund.

Staub says parks crews are waiting for the waters to recede, and then the task of clean up will start.
He says that includes tree limbs and debris, and many dead fish which won't be able to make it back into the creek.

A flood warning remains in effect until 930 Friday night for east central Monroe County.