Dozens Of Accidents & Snow Covered Roads

Jan 2, 2014

Credit WXXI Photo

Area police and highway crews have had an extremely busy day on Thursday with this snowstorm.

Craig Eckert is Henrietta commissioner of public works. He says they can plow, but the salt won't too much good in this kind of weather.

"The issue right now is really the temperature, that salt does not work at this temperture, so the only cleaning method we have is the mechanical one, with the plowing ."

Director of Operations in Rochester, Karen St. Aubin says they can use help from city residents, who she is asking to try and follow the alternate side parking regulations.

"If they can park legally, and keep up tight to the curb if they could, so we can get through and get it plowed and get it cleaned up for them, and also if they have private contractors doing their driveways to not put the snow in the street, that creates a lot of problems for us. "

Area police have been handling dozens of accidents related to the storm. State Police spokesman, Trooper Mark O'Donnell says if you can stay off the roads Thursday afternoon and evening, that would be a good idea.

And he  says if you are out and about and you get in an accident, don't start walking away from the car.

"If you do venture out and you are involved in an accident we would like you to stay in your vehicle, if you are on the interstate, if you can, drive it to safe location and call 911. That would be preferred as opposed to staying in the middle of the road and possibly causing further accidents. "

O'Donnell also advises you give the slower moving snow plows plenty of room on the highways.

RTS said there were no route cancellations Thursdasy but some buses are running slowly because of the heavy weather—Check ‘Where’s My Bus’ for real-time information, or call Customer Service at 288-1700 to speak with a representative.