Democrats Want LDC Reforms

Nov 12, 2013

Minority Democrats in the Monroe County Legislature say in light of a state investigation into Local Development Corporations, serious reforms are in order.

They're introducing a proposal to enact what they call eight "sweeping reforms" to LDC's.

The entities are subject to a probe for alleged bid rigging, which has led to the indictment of several people, including County Executive Maggie Brooks' husband.

Minority Leaders Carrie Andrews and Legislator Paul Haney both say the proposals aren't new, but there needs to be oversight of the contracts.

Haney says the likely most significant reform would require the Legislature to approve any new contracts with the LDC's, a duty that currently falls on the County Executive.

Andrews says the reforms recently announced by Brooks "wholly insufficient" and the actions she's taken so far "are like putting a band aid on a bullet wound."

These are the reforms Democrats are calling for:

Legislative consent before any LDC contract is assigned to a new vendor.

Legislative confirmation of all LDC board appointments.

Two legislative appointments to each LDC board.

That LDCs be subject to competitive procurement laws.

Legislative approval of LDC budgets.

Legislative approval of any amendments to contracts between LDCs & the county

The filing of all LDC contracts and subcontracts with the Clerk of the Legislature, including a statement detailing the principal officers of the entities receiving contracts

The filing of quarterly and annual financial statements with the Clerk of the Legislature.

Democrats want Legislature Majority Leader Jeff Adair to accept the legislation as a "matter of urgency," and that it can be debated starting tonight, with a public hearing on the bill December 10th.

WXXI has reached out to County Executive Brooks' office for comment.