Cuomo Announces Clean Energy Competition

Oct 14, 2016

Credit New York Power Authority

Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul and representatives of the New York Power Authority were at City Hall Friday  to announce details of Governor Cuomo's $5 million dollar clean energy and energy efficiency competition.

It's the newest phase in the Five Cities Energy Plans Initiative.

President and CEO of the New York Power Authority, Gil Quiniones, touted Rochester's city-wide LED lighting program, replacing conventional lights with LED tubes which last longer and save energy.

“That also means reduced greenhouse gas emissions, improved electric service reliability, and more clean energy jobs."

The Rochester initiative  is expected to save the city $300,000 in energy costs annually.

City Department of Environmental Services Commissioner Norman Jones says it's important Rochester wins the competition.             

"The more that we save on energy efficiency is more money that can be used elsewhere,  librarians, rec centers, jobs, public safety, training opportunities."

The competition aims to lower energy costs and combat climate change.

Hochul says they're looking for creative ways to bring in the private sector as well, with up to $500,000 available for each project.