Credit Counselors: Spend Wisely This Season

Nov 29, 2013

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Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Rochester is advising people to avoid overspending on this Black Friday. Lynette Baker is director of marketing for the organization that helps people deal with debt problems.

She says CCCS is advising people to use inancial common sense.           

“Don’t spend more than you have because if you’re putting more and more on your credit cards and you’re spending money that you actually don’t have, then it will take you a decent amount of time to pay it off. “

Baker says her organization recommends people avoid using that credit card, but if they have to, make sure they can pay it off within a few months.

That way people aren't paying interest on top of interest, when debt is carried month-to-month.

Baker says it's important to budget what you can spend during the holidays, and when you get to the store, stick to that budget.