Connections: Kindness in comedy in the era of Trump

Jul 12, 2017

We have a conversation with comedian Mike Birbiglia. You may know his work on This American Life, or his films, Sleepwalk with Me and Don't Think Twice. Birbiglia is a comedian who not only makes you laugh, but also makes you think and feel. He's coming to Rochester this week, but first he's our guest as we talk about his sleep disorder, truth in comedy, and more.

We also talk with local people in comedy about their craft and their goals while they are on stage. Our guests:

  • Mike Birbiglia, comedian and filmmaker
  • Yolanda Smilez, stand-up comedian and CEO and co-founder of the Roc Awards
  • John Forrest Thompson, educator, creative consultant, improviser, member of the sketch comedy troupe Thank You Kiss and co-founder of the new Focus Theatre and Training Center
  • Andrea Holland, public speaking coach and cast member of EstroFest Comedy Troupe